Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More California Pictures

Top: Tyler & Maddie w/Derek & Allison during the Dollar Dance
Middle: Allison & Michael - Maddie & Mariko Miyagi
Bottom: Yasutomo Miyagi & Tyler - The Langleys and Miyagis (where is Takako?!!)

I took these at the reception. We had a great time. Their ceremony and reception were unlike any wedding I have attended. The bride, groom, and all the guests were giving glory to God and praising Him the whole time. The Lord and what He has done in their lives was the focal point of the day. Thank you Derek & Allison for sharing your special day with us. God Bless You!
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Okinawa Reunion 2009

Glenn & Michael

Jessica Valadez & Maddie

Girlfriends and sisters-in-Christ

Glenn & his lovely wife, Farah

We were totally blessed to be invited to Derek & Allison Forbes wedding in California. Michael arrived in California earlier that week to attend the Calvary Chapel Missions Conference and fellowship with the Oki crew. The kids and I flew out on Thursday to join him. Maddie spent the first two days of the trip with her friend Maddy who used to live in Virginia. These are some of the pictures from Derek's wedding. It was such an awesome family reunion- a preview of heaven!
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More From Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach

On Friday morning we took a drive to Huntington Beach. The weather was beautiful- very sunny and a bit of a breeze. We enjoyed watching the volleyball players and the surfers. I couldn't believe all the people out there in the middle of the day. "Do they have jobs?" I wondered. They probably thought the same thing about us.
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California Pictures - Finally!

A few hours after we landed in California, Tyler had his first IN-N-OUT Burger experience. He had the double-double, animal-style. No animal-style fries though. I guess he was trying to pace himself.

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Christmas 2008

Almost caught up to the present. We spent Christmas at home this year and I have to say it was a nice, relaxed time- except for the fact that I drove myself crazy trying to find that WiiFit (I wanted it more than the kids!) Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

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More Pics of Cheyenne

Cheyenne and my brother, Danny

Cheyenne and her parents~Mike & Nancy

Relaxing at home

Looking angelic in her christening gown

These are pics my sister, Nancy, sent after the baby's christening in November. We weren't able to attend but we were definitely lifting her up in prayer. We love and miss her and the family very much!
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